a skewed world

Has it always been like this? Has the world suddenly taken a turn for the worse, like the doomsayers say, or has humanity always lived through strife and evil and general unfairness?

There is so much to repair, so many people to be soothed and healed, so many angry, bitter souls teetering on the verge of insanity and inhumanity. And we plod on, each one of us chasing different rainbows, shutting our eyes to the fact that life is not hunky-dory for so many fellow humans. Is it not supposed to bother us? Ayn rand wrote beautifully about the virtues of selfishness and about how it is perfectly moral to pursue only one’s happiness and not care about¬† others. But isn’t there a part of our happiness that is tied up to the welfare of others?¬† Why is it that even highly successful people resort to soul-searching? If success is the pinnacle of human ambitions, if pleasure in one’s achievement is the highest of human emotions, then why the all-pervasive restlessness? For all the focus on individualism, why are we moved when we see instances of brotherhood and dedication to the welfare of others?

It would be such a help if one could see into history and ages past, and compare them with the present. Has there been a time when humans have been happier than they are now? As a race, are we progressing or are we not? So many questions that we all should be trying to answer. And so many pleasurable distractions that keep us from even attempting to try.



This is probably the sixth blog account I have created. Having written five introductory posts of more or less the same type, in five different abortive attempts at blogging, I’ve resolved to avoid the following points in my first post , as a good-luck charm..

1. why I feel compelled to start a blog.

2. why I named my blog such-and-such.

3. what literary treats lie in store for readers who visit this site.

And most importantly, I shall avoid the use of the following overused-in-the-blogosphere words – rantings, ravings, musings.

There, I dont feel like such a rookie anymore!