Bewitching voices

The current favorites on my player-

Gerard Butler ( Galway Girl, Music of the night, Point of no return)

I am definitely a fan of Gerard’s voice, but the lines blur between being bowled over by his voice and bowled over by his looks 🙂
Enya ( Only Time, Riverdance, China roses )
Enya is magic – the musical equivalent of Lord of the Rings..
Mohit Chauhan ( Everything he has ever sung)
Rahet Fateh Ali Khan ( Garaj Baras)
The Garaj Baras Coke studio version has to be seen as well as listened to..He is a man possessed by music..
Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan ( Khaireyaan De Naal)
A perfect song and a perfect rendition.
Eddie Vedder ( Society, No Ceiling)
A fascinating and addictive say that he’s got a unique voice would be more than an understatement..
Imogen Heap ( Let go )
A song that I could ( and did ) listen to the entire day.
Siddharth Khosla ( Rewind, Friday )

The lead singer of a band called goldspot.. He’s got a tangy voice that is somehow melodious too.
Julie Andrews ( Sound of Music )
I used to think her voice sounded too wholesome and preachy, but I changed my mind about her this morning after listening to her rendition of ‘Edelweiss’ from Sound of Music.
Sophie/Sia ( In the waiting line )
My first taste of the ‘trippy’ genre..can’t get enough of this song!



Embrace change, they say
Don’t wish for what was
Ignore nostalgia’s sway,
Roll away, don’t gather moss.

Wisdom, excitement, hope
Lie on the road to change
They say, there’s a new life
Waiting there, out of range.

I know it must be true, this heady rush
When with adventure you meet,
But I have rested too much
And not used the wings on my feet.

It’s time I strive to live
Differently than I did,
It’s time to push away the doubts
And do as my dreams bid.

A day with rain

Voices hushed, horns muted,
By the soft music of rainfall,
Trees and buildings beautifully blurred
By nature’s silvery-gray pall.

Tree branches shiver gently,
As birds noisily ruffle their feathers
Raincoated kids on their way to schools
Dodge buses sloshing through stagnant pools

Bobbing umbrellas of every hue,
And souls drenched and made new,
The air is filled with possibilities,
And joy seems to renew its lease.

What magic there is in a rainy day,
That tugs at the heart in such a lovely way,
Under a rain-cloud covered dome,
Today the world is a pretty poem.