If there is one word that sums up what I feel about the world these days, it is – overwhelmed!  There is simply too much out here for my mind to process. And I do not mean this in a bad way. It is not just the number of disasters and bombings and bad news in the papers that is overwhelming..the variety of human minds, the amount of intricacy and perfect-itude ( not a word, but sounds cooler to me than perfection 🙂 ) in everything ranging from cricket to violin-manufacturing to tap-dancing, the exhilarating vastness of the starry night and the humbling magnitude of the mountains , the number of pretty sandals in Metro, the beauty of a perfectly carved sofa, the magic in the soundtrack of Pride and is all too much and too brilliant.

I glean stray bits of knowledge and experiences, aware always that no matter how much I know, it is always going to be too minuscule a fraction of what I don’t. And sometimes, I wish I could just lap it all up in one giant sweeping motion of my arms 🙂