I’ve been thinking..

In the absence of a gift, candles and cake
What would a nice b’day gesture make?
For somebody I’ve only known for a month and twelve days
( Yes, I’m counting.. girls are just made that way 🙂 )

When I’m with you, there’s ample room,
For warmth, good times and silly fun
Through pouring rain, puddles and pervading gloom ( alliteration, yeah!! )
Within, I’m aglow and it’s been all sun 🙂

I like that when I’m with you,
An ordinary moment is awash with a fresh hue,
And that a lift, a bike, a conveniently dark lane
Is suddenly shaken out of the mundane 🙂

I like that you’re a Harry Potter nut,
And that you can recite Wodehouse like a pro,
And that you like Agatha Christie over Sherlock Holmes
(This alone makes you much cooler than you know).

It’s tough not to fall for you when I sneak a look
At your face as you’re reading a book,
And near-impossible not to melt a little when I see
The smile in your eyes as you look at me.

I like that together we can salvage a date
Even when you..ahem, one of us is an hour late,
I like your chatter and I like your silence,
I like that you’re Mike with some Psmith thrown in 🙂 ( Should be the other way around, but I’ll humor you today)

Our paths may merge or they may fork away,
(And right now, I do hope you’re here to stay )
But I want you to know that I’m so glad
And grateful for the times we’ve had.

DISCLAIMER : Some poetic license at play, got carried away a bit 😀

Also, this was supposed to be a birthday poem, but I’ve meandered somewhat 🙂 So wish you a happy birthday, have a great year ahead, and all that jazz 🙂