One of these days…

Soon you won’t remember anymore
How light and happy we were
Soon you will forget how fleeting
Our days felt, and yet how complete.

One of these days, you will say
That it just didn’t feel right,
And you’ll cast aside the truth
Of those times when it did.

Maybe you remember still that
Every time we met, you’d tell me
You never wanted to let me go
But someday soon those words too
Will cease to exist for you.

Of all the things that hurt me,
And there are many of those,
This costs me a pang every time,
That all those moments which were ours,
Will become just mine.

As real inside my head as ever,
But wispy to you and the world,
Like a thing half-dreamt at dawn,
So insubstantial and so ill-equipped
To withstand the first rays of the sun.


This night..

Looking out of a window pane

At the dark outline of a tree

That looks as forlorn as I feel

I think of you and wonder where you are

I see offices drenched in silence

The occasional flicker of lights inside

From a lone over-zealous worker

Many miles away I can imagine

You in a building by a lake

With your feet up on the table

Working and laughing hard with a friend

And not thinking of me at all