Heavy weather

Ennui lands thick and sure of itself
On a dreary damp evening
That was just a while ago alive and rainbow-kissed
And gloriously full of hidden adventure

Now the raindrops lay huddled in pools
Wanly reflecting disgruntled faces
And inconsiderate wheels splashing
Their way through the city

The very air is glum and sulking
And frowning and brooding
There’s heavy weather out there
And in my mind too, this night


9 things that only people who read lists on the net understand

1. Lists are addictive. You may dislike reading them, but you’ll read through to the end.

2. Most lists are black-and-white, and sure of themselves, like the above point.

3. After you’ve read a few, you realize they’re easy to write – even easier than bad poetry. There’s nothing stopping you from writing one yourself, and that is how you help perpetuate the listicle epidemic.

4. You can always relate to a few points in a list, and depending on your level of gullibility, convince yourself into believing the rest.

5. These points are mostly bunk, but you knew that already.

6. Like any successful gimmick, lists are designed to make their target audience feel smug for being able to understand and relate to something that most people cannot. You may know this, but you read on and feel smug.

7. After a while, you cannot read long, high-on-content articles anymore. Unless they’re bullet-pointed and flattering to your ego.

8. And even if they are, you’re like, where is the GIF that will explain to me what I could understand just as well from the writing, if I only focused a little.

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9. As much as one part of you cannot help reading list after list, there’s one more part wishing sincerely for the extinction of this format, and soon.