Notice-period musings

Of all the poetry that my English textbooks contained, the one that appealed most to my lazy soul was this poem called ‘Leisure’ by W.H Davies, the first few lines of which go like this –

“What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.”

If the ghost of W.H Davies is listening, I hope I gladden his ethereal heart with this pronouncement. I DO HAVE THE TIME! 🙂

Until very recently, I didn’t, and shortly in the future, I’m going to rejoin the ranks of the productive. But right now, I can out-do the most slothful cow or sheep in the staring department. Because I’m in the middle of that most delightful of times, called the notice-period.

I’ve had many laudatory thoughts about this phase, but to sum it all up..PAID VACATION! I don’t suppose everybody has it this easy – but because of a fortuitous combination of circumstances ( involving a delayed project, and a general slacking of requests coming to my team), I’ve basically been left to my own devices. I’ve fallen through a crack and am now mostly inconsequential here, the merest of mere spokes in the wheel that is my organization.

And the goodness doesn’t end with my suddenly-relaxed schedule. In my eight years here, I’ve had some fabulous acquaintances who’ve drifted away, or whom I have drifted away from. But now it feels like they’re all crawling out of the woodwork to bid me farewell. The cafeteria is suddenly teeming with folks I used to know and like. It’s like my company is going out of it’s way to give me closure – former cab-mates, former managers, a long line of former crushes.. I’m spotting them and talking to them all over the place.

One more thing I observe is the sudden excess of affection in my heart for this place that’s been my home away from home for so many years. The past few days, I’ve been looking tenderly at every last conference room and coffee-machine, and ordering things on the menu I never wanted to eat before, just because I want to sample everything before I leave. I like all my managers more, and am turning into a right old Cisco Loyalist. When I walk through the lovely grounds inside the campus, I feel like a fresh-from-the-oven college graduate all over again, overwhelmed and in complete awe. I’m now positively corny in my love for the place 🙂

The past month has made me a believer in the wholesomeness of this short rest-stop in a career. if life feels, well, lifeless, get yourself a notice-period situation.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get to rest your wearied limbs and have a ball of a time. But even if you’re a worker-bee until your last day,  there’s a sense almost of euphoria that accompanies this period of letting go and starting something new – a feeling, which if examined, would probably be equal parts liberation, optimism, and hope. It’s almost as exhilarating as falling in love, and not half as much trouble.


One thought on “Notice-period musings

  1. am getting loved to read each and every article of yours…i don’t know whether you are writing your own experience or just an assumption…am also feeling the same to quit my job and rest for sometime….but your vocabulary is awesome..u can be a good writer if you take it as a profession…the passion towards music…you have many option to choose it as profession….which can follow you heart rather than a usual techie job…. awating for such much more articles….

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