A weekend of unusual movie choices

I’ve been feeling lately that I am doing too much of the same thing over and again. A few days ago, I woke up from a dream with a pressing thought that my life needs more variety. (I’m pretty sure that these thoughts stem from the fact that I have an impending 30th birthday ahead; being the classic overthinker that I am, I have to compulsively review my 20s these days, and make mental notes of what went well and what didn’t.)
Anyways, I have since then decided to do less of what feels comfortable and familiar. So this weekend, when I found myself with some time on my hands, and an itch to watch a movie or two, I resolutely stayed away from the usual stuff , and watched a Tarantino movie and the new James Bond flick instead. The Bond movie was surprisingly fun to watch. I had formed an opinion ( without any basis seemingly) that Bond movies would have far too much fast-paced action for my liking – I can appreciate fast action in reasonable doses, but I need some calm conversation ( with no guns in the frame) every now and then to keep from spacing out. This one was fine though, atleast in my opinion, though it put to sleep the Bond fans I went with.
The other flick I watched was ‘Inglourious Basterds’. I’m glad I let my husband talk me into watching this movie! What glorious dialogue and acting!! I’m not much of a movie-buff – I can lose myself in a book far more naturally than in a movie. So, on the rare occasions when a movie does affect me this way, it has the added charm of novelty. From the brilliant opening scene right up to the end three hours later, the movie twists this way and that, turning sharp corners and mowing down most of the cast on its way. The beauty of the movie is in the plot as well as in the thousand clever details. Some of my favorite bits from the movie –

1. All of Hans Landa’s conversations!
2. Brad Pitt’s accent 🙂
3. The opening scene, in which the French guy bravely tries to keep his secret, until Hans wears him down. You can see the sudden hopelessness in his eyes as he realizes he is going to betray the people he is protecting.
4. The scene in which Shoshana and Hans are eating strudels. And the one immediately after he leaves, where her face finally crumples into the tears she’s been holding back.
5. Shoshana’s final face – off with Fredrick

I will probably not watch this again, because I don’t like how much I brood after such a movie ( which is why my usual go-to-genre is rom-com). But, no movie experience is ever complete to me these days without IMDB – and now that I’ve written this piece, I look forward to many happy hours on IMDB, absorbing every tiny bit of trivia and opinion 🙂