Writer’s Block – that old friend I keep bumping into!

I haven’t counted. But if I did, I think I’d find at least five posts in my blogs where I mention writer’s block..And I’d find twice as many drafts where I couldn’t even muster the words to crib properly about it.

Today, I figured I’d write a whole post about it and get to the bottom of it, once and for all.

So, I can’t bring myself to write when I’m –

1. Feeling bored –
As much as I wish this weren’t the case..I have some really boring days! There are enough things I enjoy doing, and there’s enough to do in this brilliant, mad world. But there are entire days I’ve spent just getting bored of one thing after the other – and I’ve noticed that I cannot write on such days. These are the days when I feel dark and soulless, and doubt if there is any spark of originality in me. These are the days when I feel like everything there is to be said is already out there, and I should just shut up and go to sleep.

2. Feeling not-so-clever –
Considering I have 30 years behind me ( yes, this is the first time I’ve admitted to it, and oh God, i’m hyperventilating just looking at that number!), I really think I ought to be smart and full of worldly wisdom that I can turn on at a moment’s notice..aiming too high here maybe, but something in the style of Oscar Wilde is what I have in mind. But no. Just as I’m beginning to feel all smug after displaying some proof of intelligence, I swing to other side with a vengeance. This inconsistency marks my writing too. So really, there are days when I’m better off not expressing anything.

3. Battling the Inner critic –
The mean schoolmarmish critic in my head goes into overdrive sometimes, leading to indiscriminate and compulsive use of the del button. I can rarely finish a post in such a state. All I can get out are some shrivelled up sentences, looking fearfully over their shoulders and ashamed of their very existence. But still, I prefer this state over the others. At least there’s activity in this one, even if the cursor goes left more than it goes right.

So there! The next time I can’t write, I’ll know which category to blame it on.


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