Ordinary magic

I had an amazing bus ride today. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but I felt simply awesome 🙂 I listened to some of the most beautiful songs ever composed, and watched out of the door of a volvo. I tried to write a poem to explain the feeling. The below is very uninspired gibberish, with no respect accorded to rhyme or meter.

The trees whizz by me one after one,
The branches nod and the leaves shiver
They obey the wind’s whims and dance
Tirelessly, relentlessly, endlessly.

The music in my ears combines with the roaring air
To make a wild, unique song that will hang
In the frenetic atmosphere for a moment,
And then be lost, never to be heard again.

I try to savor the present for all that it is worth
And hope that I remember the next time,
When I’m feeling blue and dull and pointless,
That I had a perfect moment, and I lived in it.